“I don’t want to think about it anymore.”
“I wish it never happened.”
“Don’t want to remember that.”

These are the kinds of things I hear dozens of times a day. More because of the recent price reduction. People are flocking into ForgiNForget to have all their bad memories wiped from their minds.

The process is technical, and boring. I’ve tried to explain it to my wife a few times, but she keeps dozing off or gets distracted by something else, so I’ve given up on trying to tell people. What I do is remove bad memories from your brain. Like they never happened. You don’t remember that embarrassing Christmas party, or the affair that you had. You don’t remember your bachelorette party, and your new wife doesn’t either.

In some cases, it’s a wonderful idea, and worth the cost if you really value your relationships. No more fighting over the past, because….there isn’t one. No more arguing over that thing that happened, because…it didn’t happen. Or you don’t remember it happening anyways.

The truth is, all these bad memories are archived in our servers. All named and catalogued. Perfect for someone to exploit and use as blackmail, perfect for someone like me.

But don’t think that I’m the villain of the story. I’m only trying to find extra money to help my wife. Yes, she doesn’t listen to my explanation of my job, but there is a bigger reason than my job is boring.

She is suffering from accelerated Alzheimer’s.