Pierce Brosnan is the bad guy. Milla Jovovich is the good guy! This is going to be great!

NOPE. Wrong.

Such a simple idea, a simple “bad guy trying to kill a good guy on the run” movie that totally falls flat. Why? There are a few reasons, and a simple fix could have totally redeemed this movie.

Here’s How To Fix Survivor!

Make Pierce Brosnan the real bad guy. SPOILER ALERT: Brosnan is the evil gun for hire, that suddenly develops a personal vendetta against Jovovich.

Why? Because the story needed him to, I guess. She was supposed to die at one point and didn’t, but her being alive is incidental to what the actual villain has planned. And with the expertise that Brosnan’s character brings to the table, there should have been other hired guns trying to kill Jovovich.

If Brosnan was supposed to be the real villain, there should have been no question, no if ands or buts. Make his motivation clear, have Jovovich be an osbaclt that cannot be removed and would be detrimental to his plan if she is not gone.

It’s simple when you think about it. But they decided to go another way. That simple fix would make this movie so much better. Change some details, add some new action, new locations, and the majority of audiences will love this new action movie. Like I said, simple.

As it is, I give this movie a 2 out of 5 star rating.

And that is How To Fix It!