What a wonderful day.

The top is down. The road is clear ahead of me. Gas tank is full. Cold beer in the cooler behind me. And I just picked up a hot redhead hitchhiker. What more could a guy ask for?

I just hope that she doesn’t start sniffing around. If she has two brain cells in the pretty little head of hers, she might figure out that this isn’t mine. Nor am I the Robert Bates that she thinks I am.

I just have to keep her distracted and play the smooth, sincere, wild at heart guy that she seems to think I am. I can do this. I fooled that car salesman. I fooled that cop. This should be a walk in the park. I just need to stay calm, and pray that nothing unexpected happens.

I don’t want to ruin such a wonderful day. I have so few wonderful days. After my mother died, all I’ve wanted is just a perfect day, and this is coming close.

Just look at her smile. She is happy, and she is happy with me. Even as a stranger, she wants me. This is a wonderful day. I hope the guy in the trunk doesn’t make any noise to ruin it.