I know that we are driving somewhere hot. The little bit of air that is coming in through the rust spots in the car are dry and dusty. Can’t be a very wet place, he must have turned south towards the desert.

That means that I am going to be without water for a long time. Makes it easy to not go to the washroom, I guess, but I’m going to be dehydrated fast. It has been two days, I think, since that guy knocked me out and threw me in here.

I was assuming two days. I remember two extended dark periods, but it could have more. Maybe less. All my brain power, all my training wasn’t helping me. I might have been one of the best private investigator in the city, but I was a helpless sap now.

Can’t believe I didn’t see it. I knew the guy was bad news, but I gave him a chance. And look where it got me. A bleeding head, maybe a concussion, and my car salesmen costume ruined. This was the last time I would ever do a favour for one of my ex-wives.

I know that we are driving somewhere hot, and it might be to my grave.