I can’t believe my good fortune.

Daddy was wrong. The world is a great place, full of perfectly nice people. This guy didn’t want to take advantage of me. He said he was going my way, so why not give me a ride? I don’t know what he was so worried about. The world isn’t at war anymore. America is filled with good people. Especially after what the President did.

I have nothing to be scared of. Not in the God blessed nation of USA. I’m going to be perfectly fine, even in a car with a strange man. There is no way that this guy, Robert Bates, would hurt a fly, yet along harm a red hair on my head.

He’s so sweet, offering me a cool beer, even though I’m underage still. Live life, enjoy everything, he said. And I could agree more…

That name though…wasn’t Robert Bates that guy from the horror film? The one where he’s crazy and attacks a lady in the shower? No. It was Norman. And that was a movie. Robert was nothing like that.

I mean, look at his glistening smile. How could a terrible person hide behind a smile like that?