I looked down at my one item. It was the only personal item that I was allowed to bring with me. Nothing else in this giant spaceship belongs to me. Everything is stamped with ‘NASA’ or ‘Roscosmos’. Amazing that the US and Russia could work on anything, but depressing that in the face of global death they felt the need to keep the pissing contest going.

The state of world affairs grieved my heart. Maybe that was why I was leaving, taking this giant risk to save humanity. Maybe my life, death or sacrifice would catapult the human race into a better place.

I looked down at my one item again. I ran my hand over it, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to touch it for 4.5 light years. Or the equivalent of. Near light speed flight made the long travel much easier, but it still required me to go into hyperhibernation. It was going to be a long time asleep.

The meteor was still 5.7 light years away, but the powers that be wanted to see it removed from our space path before it was too late. Hopefully I would be able to change its tradjectory in that remaining year…

But even then, I knew it was a hopeless endeavour. That was why 3/4 of this 85 million dollar spaceship was a bomb.