They called it “The Grand Hall of War”.

Within these sacred walls, legendary weapons from throughout the ages, across the stories and mythologies are hung. The sword of the Once and Forever King, Arthur of England, the Excalibur, hangs on the east wall. And directly across from it, the war hammer of the Norse god of thunder, Thor Odinson, the Mjonir.

They are not there as memorials to fallen heroes. The Once and Forever King would return to bear his sword again. Thor would come back, in some form, to battle those that threatened his world. It was true of every weapon that hung on the walls. But there was one…

Centuries before the doors were hung on the Grand Hall of War, one weapon was placed on a pedestal of stone, waiting for the next hero to bear it. It’s power was unrivalled in it’s time, and unparalleled in might among all the trophies of war in the Grand Hall.

It was the quilled pen of the Cosmic Writer, the one who wrote the stories that have become myth and legend only remembered in the minds of the eldest generations. And it called out to me. It spoke my name, within my mind, ‘Gather me up, for it is time to write new legends and new mythology.’