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The white canvas before me was daunting. How was I going to decide how to construct and establish the next generation of The Internet?

I couldn’t count the number of times I had gone to put my fingers to the keyboard to type something…anything. Whether it was “Hello” or “This is a new beginning”, my fingers would take their place, and then freeze.

“Hello” seemed so weak, so impotent for how colossal a moment this way going to be. “This is a new beginning” seems to be so highbrow, so proper, as if I was trying to pull society up to a more educated level.

I don’t want an impotent foundation, or a starting point that not everyone will understand or appreciate. The Internet shouldn’t be a hurdle or a pit of quicksand, but how do you put that into words?

The canvas stayed white. The cursor blinking at me, eagerly waiting to see the canvas made into a piece of art. Why had the five nations that held the keys to the Internet of the past choose me to do this? Of all the creatives on the planets, I was not the most well known, the most accomplished?

What did they see in me that made me the best candidate to launch The Net 2.0?