“Before we carry out your sentence, do you have any last words?”

My stare conveyed a lot. All I felt for the judge and jury was contempt. They had no idea what they were doing in condemning me. Especially condemning me to this. My “crime” was not mine, nor a crime. It was just something they didn’t like, because it did not benefit them in any way, and I happen to be a great scapegoat.

“Nothing, former Grand Rabbi Tov?”

The heat ray they had shining on me was drying out my lips. A quick lick, and then I spoke.

“Yes, I do, Judge Stein. You may judge me now, but I will judge you in the Days To Come.”

The entire Court Of Dav’do gasped. No one spoke of the Days To Come. Not since the time of the School of Learners had that fabled and feared day been spoken of. I looked around, eyebrow raised, enjoying the squirming of the jury, and the complete frustration of the judge.

“What you speak of is heresy, Tov!”

“Only to you Stein. Only to you and those faithless guppies you can your Court Leaders. Banish me to time, if you like. I know that I will find a way to meet you in the Days To Come. Then I will look down on you, you up at me, then we will see who spoke heresy this day.”

I didn’t see Stein hit the Time Jump button, but I knew he did. As soon as the words left my mouth, there was no more heat raining down on me. It was water. I had been banished back to the Time of The Great Waterfall.

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