I have single handedly destroyed the entire United States Military. On every level, in every branch, men and women are defeated. Not that I killed everyone, but I have beat them in a way that never before has been attempted, yet alone accomplished.

I am recording my great achievement for two reasons. One, there will be those that do not believe that I have done what I have done. And two, because of what I have done dozens, if not hundreds of splinter groups of the US military will rise up and try to kill me. And I am sure that one such group will succeed.

So let me start at the beginning; I was 17 and I filled out my application for the United States Army Reserve. I wasn’t interested in actual war, I was after the training. And it would be the only time that I would be able to profile the “leadership” and understand their ideology and methodology.

Their ways would lead them right to their defeated ends.

I had my plan in mind already. Some of the minute details would still be worked out over time or be altered by the persons I would interact with, but I was sure of the outcome; a dishonourable discharged minor would bring down the greatest army the world had ever seen.