He had no arms or legs. He couldn’t hear, see, or speak. This was how he led a nation…as the first elected Presidential Cyborg.

It was still the early days of cybernetics. The government had yet to approve widespread testing and human interfacing. There was only one company that was “allowed” to do such things. They did it all under the guise of a small northeastern Pennsylvanian paper company. His name was Michael Scott.

He had experienced a horrific accident in the paper company’s cardboard recycle bailer, though he had always claimed he knew how to use it. The accident left him nearly a vegetable. The only way that he was able to communicate was through blinking his eyelashes.

It was his assistant, Dwight K. Schrute, that noticed the rapid blinking one day, noting that it carried a certain “Morse Code”ness to it. From those blinks, he deduced who was behind the cruel fate of Michael Scott. Dwight became a manhunt, to avenge the boss that he loved, while Michael soaked up the love and affection that the news reporters and camera offered.

It was a rash decision for Michael to run for President, but not quite as rash as Dwight’s hunt for the attempted murderer, Jim Halpert.