(Make sure you read Part One before you go any further.)

The last Seven Great Pieces were lost for hundreds of years. The Great Flaming Sword was thought destroyed in the fire at Rome, but appeared again, lodged in a stone in Britain.

It wasn’t until the 1800’s, when exploration began to make global steps, that anyone dared to search again for the Great Pieces. By this time, the Smithies of the Purple were reduced to a simple family, my family.

My great, great, great grandfather got it into his head to discover the remaining Great Pieces, and set out to create the Grand Finder. It was a mystical tool, forged in magic, both dark and light. The soothsayer and the warlock, the last in our town, gave everything they had into enabling the Grand Finder. Every spell, every incantation that would give light, sight, and power to find…but it was useless.

The Grand Finder, with all its power could not find the Seven Great Pieces, and by the time I was told these stories, they were consider the Lost Seven Pieces. My father told me the story of the Purple as he would read me Grimm’s fairy tales. But something struck me as true in my father’s story.

As a child, I made a vow to the universe. I would find the Purple. I would craft divine pieces of its ethereal nature and weird them.

This vow would destroy my family, split a continent in two, and raise the dead.