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No one saw Ciaran come down from the North, but the legends say that he rode a dark rain cloud, just over the ground all the way to the gates of Camelot.

The great city was a shell of it’s former self. The doors no longer hung on its hinges, but sat sadly by, becoming fire wood for the guards the kept out the undesirables. But doors or guards would not have been able to resist Ciaran. His entrance wowed the people, sending murmurs through the ranks of people. It went all the way up to the Stewart, the seat-holder king.

After the death of Arthur, the man that held the office of Stewart was Lancelot. There were arguments and duels fought over this, but as the “best” knight in the Round Table, he proved his right to watch over the Throne until an heir was found. But there was no such heir. The heir of Lancelot continued to sit by and handle the affairs of the kingdom, but poorly. The great love of Arthur and the ideal of his kingdom were lost.

When Ciaran came to the Camelot, it was not a bad guy coming to fight a good guy. It was a badder guy coming to fight a bad guy.