(Be sure to read Part One to get the whole story.)

My cousins were in shock. They had just seen my father and their father be vaporized by the laser vision of a deer. Like Cyclops from the X-Men, but it was a deer.

I didn’t know what to say. One, because the idea seemed so ludicrous that I didn’t want to address their stupidity. But, two, our dads weren’t back. And my cousins were covered in blood. If it had been deer blood, if they had already skinned and cut up a buck, that would be one thing. Something I would understand, at least. But this was so very different.

“Why would a deer have laser vision?”

It was the only question that kept coming to mind. It made sense for the comics that humanity would evolve and get cool mutations, why would animals?

My cousins could tell I was thinking about something, so they asked, and I told them about the question that was rolling around in my brain.

“It makes sense in a weird way,” replied Todd, the oldest. “Think about it. Why do we need to evolve? We are at the top of the food chain. We are superior. The animals are evolving to even out the playing field.”

His brother turned and gave him a dumb look. Travis was the smarter of the two, and flaunted it constantly. “Right, Todd, because that makes sense. Deer suddenly feel the need to murder people after thousands of years.”

“Well….” Todd slunk back.

“Next you are going to tell us how deer have developed a taste for human blood and vengeance.” Travis snapped.

How little we knew then. How feeble and small minded we were.