(Make sure you read Part One.)

The TimStar Rebellion began as most rebellions do, with death.

The Galactic Queen had served for nearly 100 years. Her body was old and frail. Though the technology existed to repair her, to let her endure for many more years, she decided to let it all go. She slipped away peacefully in her sleep, or so the propaganda told us.

Instantly, two warring factions sprouted, each declaring themselves the sole leader of the Coffee Planet. This declaration was unique in history. They did not want the throne or the power of the Galactic Empire. They were after the coffee. It would go down through the ages as the most bizarre revolution, but also the most costly.

While it is called the TimStar Rebellion, there was no one called TimStar. Rather a hybrid of the two factions that sought power over the perfect coffee. The first faction to speak out was the Timmo Band Army. Their leader, Timmo Vation, said that he was the leader of the discarded people of the now terraformed Choca-9. He stated, with thousands beside him, that he was going to take back what the Galactic Queen had “stolen with blood stained hands, which she cleans with the skin of our people”.

None of this was verifiable. Most assumed it was wartime rhetoric, but it frightened the people of the galaxy. Most certainly it frightened the most wealthy, those that paid and received the purest coffee, in all of its forms. When Timmo Vation made his statements on the z-wave radio, fear gripped the rich, but only for a moment. That fear turned to anger, and that anger over the loss of their divine beverage drove them to arms. Their leader was First Admiral Paulos Star.


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