“Species of the Galactic Council, please take your peace.”

The shuffle of feet, hooves, tentacles, and other appendages could be heard throughout the auditorium, somewhat drowning out the other language translations of the announcement. The first session of this annual meeting was about to begin. While not the first session of its history, this would be the first time that the human species was involved in an official capacity.

The announcement was made in English first for our benefit, as was the tradition when new species joined the Galactic Council. Ours would be the 45th galactic species to sign the Galactic Council’s legislation, but we were hesitant.

At the top of the legislation was the declaration that all that signed, all that sat on the Galactic Council would abstain from all forms of violence, inner planetary or interplanetary. As the representative of Earth, from Canada, I wasn’t too worried about wars or the rumours of wars from my country. But I was worried about the delegate from the United States and the one from Neo-Russia.

The tension between them was at an all time high, had been since the assumed assassination of the Russian leader, the Holy Vladimir Putin. The US had long been accused of the death of Putin, but nothing was proved. Relations had moved forward for the good of humanity, for shortly after the assassination, the Galactic Council reached out to us.

“We would like to begin this session by welcoming the delegates from the water planet of Earth to the Galactic Council. May you bring knowledge, wisdom, and good tidings that all life may flourish,” said the Speaker, through a translator.

There was an applause, though it came in unique noise. Some claps, a random honk or toot, and a dog-like braking noises came as our welcome was announced in each unique language. I tried to smile and be comfortable. There was so much newness, so much alien all around that I didn’t know what to do or how to react to such strange variations to what I thought was a normal social nicety.

The US and Neo-Russian delegates faked their smiles, waving to those seated around us. The tension between them was palatable. They wouldn’t look at each other. They sat as far away from each other on their chairs as they could. A few of the alien species that were seated near by made strange faces when they saw how these two “friends from Earth” were behaving.

I may have been assuming that they were marketing strange faces; my interaction with alien races had been very limited. It had only been 3 years since Galactic Council had sent emissaries to Earth. And a lot had changed in 3 years, and more would change soon.

The Speaker rose to their feet,

“Now that we have done this, we must address some startling and gravely troubling news. War is breaking out on the planet Earth. This is a clear and obvious violation of the Galactic Council’s legislation. Earth will now be subject to destruction.”