(Be sure to read Part One here.)

I hit “send” and the familiar whoosh sound announced that my email was sent. The email that I wrote to my future self. I waited a moment before I went about doing any other work, fully expecting an automated response to come back saying that the email couldn’t be delivered.

I waited, took a sip of my coffee. I leaned back in my chair and stretched. I wondered if Al from accounting had updated the fantasy football pool. I leaned back into my computer to message him. There was an email notification.

Knew it, I thought to myself, knew that it couldn’t work. Time paradox.

I moved the cursor to click on the email, to quickly delete it and move on. Clearly, Future Me wasn’t actually me. Otherwise there would be…

I got an email from Future Me.

Dear Scott,

I know that you are all worried about a time paradox by emailing me. Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of it. I’ll explain later, but right now I want to address the question about why I haven’t given you the lottery numbers yet.

Do you want your life to be worse, better, or stay the same?

I know that I’m quoting Michael Scott, but think about the question.

Cheers, Future Scott.