(Make sure you read Part One before you read this.)

The experts and conspiracy theorists were beside themselves. Never had they considered that alien life would be water-bound life. These squid like creatures planted on our planet and swam in our oceans, breed in our lakes and rivers. And strangely, did not disrupt the ecosystem in the least.

Some thought that they made it better.

After “touchdown” or T-Day as the news took to calling it, initial contact took months. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. The US Defence Secretary funnelled all of NASA’s budget into creating new aircrafts and destroyers. 18 trillion dollars was spent in 2 weeks, all in an effort to keep the United States safe.

There was no attack. The aliens didn’t seem interested in humanity in the least.

Another 4 trillion dollars was spent trying to track down the “leader” of the extraterrestrials. But it wasn’t until the US Army decided to as some marine biologist, specialists in tracking whale migration, to assist. It took them 4 days. Initial contact was going to happen.

But by this time, humanity wasn’t as interested in the “invaders” as they had been. The world kept on spinning. The US was in tremendous debt and trying to correct it. The Kardashians were making a comeback. Scientists had reanimated Einstein’s brain and making new discoveries about the storage space of the mind.

Aliens had arrived, but no one seemed to care.