I had suspected that I would see Dr. Terribleman soon. If he was indeed transforming from villain to hero, I would see him in the city doing something incredible heroic to prove himself. We all did that when we started out. Imagine my surprise when he was doing nothing like that.

At the top of Woodhaven Tower, Terribleman stood on a black cloud and was screaming. His hair had turned white. His lab coat was gone. Instead he wore a silver kilt with golden edging. His gizmos and gadgets were replaced by a tall sceptre with a snake coiled to the top.

“Terribleman? What are you doing?” I yelled over the howling wind.

“Captain Star! My old nemesis, how fitting that you would be the first to see me in my glorious transformation!” Terribleman laughed an unruly laugh.

The black cloud he stood upon began to grow and envelop the area. I flew up to meet my foe, but it was too late. The cloud stretched over the whole city. Lightening flashed, splitting skyscrapers from top to bottom. The ground shook violently, opening up the Woodhaven Faultline and swallowing whole neighbourhoods. The reign of terror under the new god, Terror, began.

I needed to make a phone call to the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs.