I remember writing at the beginning of this year how things were going to be different. How I was going to keep writing 200 Word Stories and somehow shoehorn in time for bigger and better stories. How I was going to do this and that and make sure I didn’t forget that other thing.

New Years Resolutions never stick.

But what has stuck, or more so grown since then, is the desire to write bigger and better stories.

I want to see the characters I create grow on the page, rather than just exist for a moment and then disappear into the archives. I want to explore the worlds and universes I’ve birthed into great detail than 200 or 500 or 1000 words will allow. I want to do more, bigger and better.

But that means I need to give myself permission and space to do that. For me to do that, I need to move on from regular 200 Word Stories. I need to put an end to this, or at least, some serious braking, so I can put a start to something else.

When I start this, I had an end in mind. Maybe someday I can turn these stories into something amazing, and I believe it is time to do that now. I started 200 Word Stories and thought, this is an experiment in literary growth, an exercise to see if I can actually do this. And for a year and a half I have.

I have written some terrible stories, some good ones, and some that are truly diamonds in the rough. Now it is time for me to take those few diamonds and polish them into full-fledge stories.

For those of you that have read through all the bad, good, and ugly stories, thank you for your patronage. Thank you for your patience, likes, and constructive comments. You have helped shape me and my understanding of good storytelling, and I will take what you have taught me into the future.

It is onto bigger and better things now. I’ll be sure to update you when things happen, when things change, when my stories are ready and polished. So, stay tuned. Follow me on Twitter, @regrivett ,so you don’t miss anything.

Again, thank you, dear readers, for everything.

Until next time, good bye.

3 thoughts on “Onto Bigger and Better Things

  1. It’s a shame you’re stopping the flash fiction, I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I totally understand why you’d want to move on though: one of the issues I’m having in getting my novel draft finished is splitting my time between that and the ideas for shorts that keep flowing into my mind… good luck with your projects and hopefully I’ll get to read some more of your work at some point ☺

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    1. Thanks orchidlantern. I’ve enjoyed writing them. I think I’m going to try writing short story books, or collections of them. Work on building up the world and character development.
      Apparently, Hemingway wrote lots of short stories before he went for the longer ones. Might work for me. 😝

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      1. Good idea. I’ve found flash fiction a great way to explore different ideas to see whether they’re worth expanding on, and to learn what kind of writer you want to be. I read an interview with JG Ballard recently who also said that short stories were the best way to start out as a writer, and that too many people jump straight into a novel because they assume it’s what *should* be done.

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