I’m a wannabe writer. Actually, I’m a writer, but I wanna be better.

I want to be able to craft compelling and interesting stories.
It’s something that I have done all my life, I’ve just never put them to paper.
So this is my exercise space.
My goal is to write a 200 word story every day. These stories can be about anything, in any tone, with no continuity or connectedness necessary. Simply a collection of different short stories, found on one blog.
Some stories will not be good, in fact, I expect some of them to be truly terrible.
But I wanted to give myself a chance to grow as a writer, put my stuff out there, and leave myself open to criticism from people I don’t know.

So, if you find this page and happen to like a short story, that is awesome.
If you decide that what you find here repulses you, please tell me so I can get better at my craft.

Either way, I thank you for being a part of this personal experiment. That is what 200 Word Stories is all about.


2 thoughts on “About 200 Word Stories

  1. Some interesting stories on here Reg and I like the photos you use to illustrate them. My only comments would be that you could do with a way for readers to find the stories more easily on here, maybe it’s me not knowing how to look very well, but if there were some categories or an archive of some sort..? Also, I think you should tag them with the ‘flash fiction’ tag as that would potentially open up a new readership on the wordpress reader. :)


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