Galactic Problems

“Species of the Galactic Council, please take your peace.”

The shuffle of feet, hooves, tentacles, and other appendages could be heard throughout the auditorium, somewhat drowning out the other language translations of the announcement. The first session of this annual meeting was about to begin. While not the first session of its history, this would be the first time that the human species was involved in an official capacity.

The announcement was made in English first for our benefit, as was the tradition when new species joined the Galactic Council. Ours would be the 45th galactic species to sign the Galactic Council’s legislation, but we were hesitant. Continue reading “Galactic Problems”

The Dad Came Back

“Why is there a priest in our living room?”

Mom was arms deep in dirty dishes when I asked, and very unlike her, she didn’t hear what I said. That was another hint that something very wrong was happening here. I took a step closer, putting my gym bag on the kitchen chair.

“Mom? Why is there a priest in the living room?” Continue reading “The Dad Came Back”

Human Soul Found – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One before continuing.)

The human soul was found six months ago, and scientists now say they are only scratching the surface with all the information that they have discovered.

Researchers at John Hopkins University took a wildly different approach to medicine, theorizing that a patient’s ‘spiritual’ condition could adversely affect their physical health. Dr. Sung Holl, the lead research on this project said that since their last televised report more has been discovered, and even more questions have been raised. Continue reading “Human Soul Found – Part Two”

Once Upon A Reality


“Once upon a time”

“Don’t tell us a crappy fairy tale” Donald interrupted. “Tell us a true story.”

I sighed, shoulders falling under the weight of this new task. I had a fairy tale all ready to share, something a little more adult for this older crowd, but clearly that wasn’t going to work out now. Donald had stirred everyone up. They wanted something they knew, yet something that scared them. Could I pull it off?

“Fine. Fine. Something true?” I paused, while the group calmed down. I need that extra time to think. I considered myself a good storyteller, but that was with prep time, some research, some idea of where the story wanted to go. Continue reading “Once Upon A Reality”

Love. Is. A.


Love. Is. A.

That was the headline of the opinion piece. It ran from the beginning of February until the weekend after Valentine’s. It asked ‘regular citizens’ how they would finish the sentence, “Love is a…”

For the last few years, I’ve made it a sort of ritual to sit down with my morning coffee and peruse people’s answers. Sometimes they were humorous, other times they were tragic. And of course, a good many of them are cheesy, keeping in tone with the holiday. This year was no different. Continue reading “Love. Is. A.”

Prayer – Part Two

(This is Part Two of the story. If you haven’t read Part One, click here now.)

“Don’t you think that cats should get into heaven, God?”

“That isn’t the issue Gabriel. You know that.” Continue reading “Prayer – Part Two”

Four Men In A Room


It was right out of a movie. Except that in the original Saw, there were only two guys. This time there were four, including me.

To my left was the Dali Lama. Directly in front of me, Neil deGrasse Tyson, renown astrophysicist. To my right, PayPal and Tesla Motors founder, Elon Musk.

“Hello. Would you like to play a game?”

We all looked up, expecting to see our capture looking down on us from a hole in the ceiling. There was only a speaker.

“Someone here must die. How is irrelevant. The question is who. You must decided in the next 60 seconds or you all die.” Continue reading “Four Men In A Room”

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

It was a cold winter evening in December, 1943. With the war behind them, Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin sat together in an abandoned studio. Hugh, as was his custom, sat at the piano, fumbling through chord progressions, and filling the cold spaces with hints of melody. Ralph scribbled on a note pad, tilted his head, frowned, and then tore up the sheet before throwing it to the ground. The space around his chair was littered with such bunches of paper.

“This is ridiculous,” Ralph complained. “The night before Christmas, and we have a deadline. Write a new song by tomorrow!” Continue reading “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

The Good Bad Guy

“Alright Doctor Von Horrif, you have won. You have defeated the superheroes of the world. You have disabled the world’s defenses. We have nothing to throw at you anymore. You effectively rule the world.”

“Yes I do.”

The President looked around at the rest of the United Nations delegates. What were they going to do? A villain had won. And now they were under his authority. What evil and depraved thing would he command them to do?

“So what do you want now?” someone shouted from the back.

“A very good question, my global territory leaders.”

He rose from his makeshift throne to make his declarations.

“First, and effective immediately, we are destroying all coal power plants on the earth. This violent pollutant needs to be stopped.” Continue reading “The Good Bad Guy”

It Happens In A Blink

When the dust settled, the King’s eyes beheld what a day’s worth of battle gained him.

The fields before him were littered with bodies; some wearing his colours, and some wearing the colours of the King of Ithligor. Where once was green, now was red and silver and strained. Weapons belonging to the fallen lay about, beside their former masters, useless.

The King looked to his right. There stood the victors. His knights, Sir Chairing and Sir Rhupe, sat upon their horses, their stained swords still held in their hands. About them stood his footmen, loyal soldiers and peasants who wished to aid their king. They were wearing, all, and wished only to set camp and eat and sleep.

The King looked to his left. On the furthest hills of the moor, he could see the last of the remaining force of King of Ithligor. There weren’t more than a dozen, many on foot, one on a horse. That last horseman the King knew well. The knight had left the King’s service many months before to aid the King of Ithligor’s plans to attack the King. Traitor. Continue reading “It Happens In A Blink”