President Michael Scott

He had no arms or legs. He couldn’t hear, see, or speak. This was how he led a nation…as the first elected Presidential Cyborg. Continue reading “President Michael Scott”

The Return Of England’s King – Part Two

The Once and Future King looked around his realm, to see his knights standing close by and his beloved overjoyed at his return. But Lancelot was not there. Nor was his beloved Guinevere there to cleave him. A horrific world moved about him, a world so futuristic the King fell to his knees in awe.

While he did not know it, the 31st century whizzed by his ancient being. Lanterns flashed unnatural colours. Horseless carriages flew through the air. The tongues of far of lands were shouted at him from passersby. The smells that overwhelmed him were so sweet, so new. Continue reading “The Return Of England’s King – Part Two”

Sunny Days No More

There had been a murder.

They called me in. It wasn’t my usual neighborhood, but I owed the Captain a favor. When I got there, I knew I wasn’t at home. This was a friendly neighborhood. Well lit. Windows left open. Cars without bats on the steering wheels. Here, people trusted other people.

I made my way past the police tape. Every cop there stared at me. They were all dressing in their finest outfits. Me, in my beaten up trench coat and fedora.

Couldn’t wait to get out of here.

And then I saw it. The victim. Continue reading “Sunny Days No More”

The Return Of England’s King

In the last days of the great King Arthur, it was prophesied that he would return to England in the hour of her greatest need.

Whether people thought it was a mere legend or histotrical fact, the prophecy lasted through the years. In 1914, the Great War broke out, and England looked for their returning King. But he did not show. When the battle was finally over, in 1918, the number of faithful believers started to dwindle. If this World War was not the hour of greatest need, when would that hour be? How terrible would things need to be for Arthur to return?

Continue reading “The Return Of England’s King”

The Other Sword In The Stone

The legend is true: Arthur pulled the sword from the stone.

But as is the case with most stories, that is only half of it. The sword that Arthur pulled from the stone that day was the sword that gave him his rightful lordship over England. But he failed to pull out the second sword. Continue reading “The Other Sword In The Stone”

The One-Eyed King


In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

I thought it was a saying. A clever way of saying that a little knowledge or power, a small advantage over everyone else, would make the world of difference. It could be the game changer, between a serf or a king.

I never thought it was part of a country’s history. Continue reading “The One-Eyed King”

Greater Than Bond

James Bond. The great 007.

The greatest cause of collateral damage and embarrassment to the Great Empire of Her Majesty, it you want to be honest.

Everyone glories and reveals in his double ‘0’ status, like having a license to kill was something special or spectacular. It isn’t. Truth be told, any MI-6 agent can kill someone that is threatening their lives. The double ‘0’ status simply means that he has license to kill all the big wigs, people of notoriety and status without personal consequence.

Even then, Bond fails to show concern for the impact of his licensed murders, all done at his will and whim. That is why he will never graduate that lowly rank. Anyone can be a double ‘0’. It isn’t as if MI-6 stopped at having nine agents with a license to kill. There are too many threats and international issues going on to leave everything to nine people. There are hundreds of double ‘0’s. MI-6 decided it sounded better to call them double ‘0’s than the “Numbered Agents” or some foolish thing like that.

No, the agents that make a difference in this world are the Triple ‘0’s.

The Time Zone Jumper

“Alright, Mr. Waldo. Let’s start with an easy one. Why were you hiding?”

“Who said I was hiding, Detective?”

“You were found in a time zone that you clearly did not belong in. Your red and white striped clothing kind of clash with Victorian Era dress, so forgive me if I mistake your actions as hiding.”

“I was in that time zone, because that was one of the few places I had left.”

“What, to hide?”

“No, Detective. To run.”

The detective leaned back in his chair. I wondered what the chair was constructed out of. If not some form of unbreakable steel, layered upon itself for support, some wild magic was keeping this man interrogating me up off the ground.

“You went to the Victorian time zone to run? From who?”

“From whom.”


“Never mind.”

This man was an idiot. They must have lowered their standards for detective since I applied.

“Look, Waldo. I need an answer. Why were you in that time zone? Or who were you running from, if you weren’t hiding there?”

“The Savage.”

I was amazed a man that size could move that quickly. Fear over took him.

“Where did you hear that name?”

Time Machine Tech Line


“Hello, my name is Daniel. How can I help you?”

“Hello, yes, Daniel. It’s the Doctor.”

“Doctor Who?”

“Exactly. Now, I’m having some trouble with my TARDIS.”

“What model of TARDIS would that be Mr. Doctor?”

“It’s just the Doctor. TT Type 40, Mark 3.” Continue reading “Time Machine Tech Line”

Indiana Jones and The Quest for The Ambrosia

“Dr. Jones, tell us about your most recent discovery.”

Indiana Jones continued to look into the darkness, just beyond the spot light. How could this be? What did this mean?

“Dr. Jones! We are waiting.”

He didn’t move his head, but his eyes, filled with hatred and indignation, glanced towards the voice. Continue reading “Indiana Jones and The Quest for The Ambrosia”