The One-Eyed King – Part Two

(Don’t miss the beginning of the story. Read Part One.)

No one saw Ciaran come down from the North, but the legends say that he rode a dark rain cloud, just over the ground all the way to the gates of Camelot.

The great city was a shell of it’s former self. The doors no longer hung on its hinges, but sat sadly by, becoming fire wood for the guards the kept out the undesirables. But doors or guards would not have been able to resist Ciaran. His entrance wowed the people, sending murmurs through the ranks of people. It went all the way up to the Stewart, the seat-holder king. Continue reading “The One-Eyed King – Part Two”

The History Of The Purple – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One before you go any further.)

The last Seven Great Pieces were lost for hundreds of years. The Great Flaming Sword was thought destroyed in the fire at Rome, but appeared again, lodged in a stone in Britain.

It wasn’t until the 1800’s, when exploration began to make global steps, that anyone dared to search again for the Great Pieces. By this time, the Smithies of the Purple were reduced to a simple family, my family. Continue reading “The History Of The Purple – Part Two”

The Return Of England’s King – Part Two

The Once and Future King looked around his realm, to see his knights standing close by and his beloved overjoyed at his return. But Lancelot was not there. Nor was his beloved Guinevere there to cleave him. A horrific world moved about him, a world so futuristic the King fell to his knees in awe.

While he did not know it, the 31st century whizzed by his ancient being. Lanterns flashed unnatural colours. Horseless carriages flew through the air. The tongues of far of lands were shouted at him from passersby. The smells that overwhelmed him were so sweet, so new. Continue reading “The Return Of England’s King – Part Two”

You Can’t Kill Hitler – Part Three

(The story continues. Make sure you have read Part One and Part Two before you keep going.)

“Make sure you buckle your seatbelt, John.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was pulling the five-point harness together so that I would be strapped into my seat in a time machine. Which made me ask myself, why would there need to be five-point harnesses in a time machine? Was Dr. Bradshaw expecting it to be that rough of a trip?

“Question, John?” Continue reading “You Can’t Kill Hitler – Part Three”

Knights Rise – Part Two


(Don’t forget to read Part One.)

The name of Mordred took me back to the children’s books that my father had read to me as a child. The sworn enemy of King Arthur, though Arthur did slay him finally in battle, Mordred did wound the Once and Forever King.

While my father may have been reading those books to me to familiarize me with the players that hid behind a curtain on the world stage, the facts were obviously not true. Legend said that King Arthur killed Mordred. So how was he alive, with sons, causing chaos and havoc? Continue reading “Knights Rise – Part Two”

What If? September 11th Never Happened


September 11th was a terrible and world-changing event. Those lost will not be soon forgotten, nor will the effects soon wear off.

But what if September 11th didn’t happen the way we know it? What if the FBI stopped the terrorists the day before, leaving those four airplanes to fly to the destinations undisturbed? What would our world look like now?

What if?

Continue reading “What If? September 11th Never Happened”

You Can’t Kill Hitler – Part Two


(Make sure you read Part One of this story before reading any more.)

I looked at Dr. Bradshaw like he had just told me that he had breed unicorns to sing Beethoven’s Fifth symphony. There was so much going on in the statement that he had just made that I took a step back. Continue reading “You Can’t Kill Hitler – Part Two”

Knights Rise


“My lords, it has once again come time for us to answer the call. The world is in peril.”

I had never been called a “lord” before, even if they meant it in the most barbaric of ways. I was not an owner of land, an overseer of peoples or serfs. I was just the latest recruit in the 21st century fold of The Knights Of The Round Table. Continue reading “Knights Rise”

Minted in 2021

Minted in 2021. In ST.

For people that were coin collectors, that information probably didn’t mean much. Coins were minted every year. The old one were collected and destroyed, replaced by shinier bit of currency. Sometimes the face is changed, or a commemoration of sorts is put onto the “head” side of the coin. Most people don’t notice these things. Continue reading “Minted in 2021”

The Rushmore Protocol

Mount Rushmore

In America’s darkest hour, the shadowy powers that be decided to initiate “The Rushmore Protocol”.

While the public knows of its existence, no details were ever released. Doing so would have revealed the true nature of the iconic tourist attraction, Mount Rushmore. Continue reading “The Rushmore Protocol”