The History Of The Purple – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One before you go any further.)

The last Seven Great Pieces were lost for hundreds of years. The Great Flaming Sword was thought destroyed in the fire at Rome, but appeared again, lodged in a stone in Britain.

It wasn’t until the 1800’s, when exploration began to make global steps, that anyone dared to search again for the Great Pieces. By this time, the Smithies of the Purple were reduced to a simple family, my family. Continue reading “The History Of The Purple – Part Two”

The Beginning Of The End

I have single handedly destroyed the entire United States Military. On every level, in every branch, men and women are defeated. Not that I killed everyone, but I have beat them in a way that never before has been attempted, yet alone accomplished. Continue reading “The Beginning Of The End”

The Monk’s One Word – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One here.)

No one suspected that one word would have such power. The crowd that had gathered was still. The Internet stopped; no tweets, no status updates.

“Life.” The word hung in air, as the mystical monk stepped down from the podium. As mysteriously as he appeared, he vanished. The world sat waiting, expecting more, anticipating an encore, but none was given.

What did he mean? It was the question in the silence that everyone seemed to be asking. It was on the face of all those there in the crowd, and on the lips of every news anchor. What was the life the monk spoke of?

That was when things took off, in the worst way. Continue reading “The Monk’s One Word – Part Two”

The Man Upstairs – Part Two

The entire funeral froze. It wasn’t often that someone got up to speak that the family didn’t know, that the closest friends of the recently deceased had never heard of, but were now hearing from. The Man Upstairs hasn’t a figure of speech. He was standing at the podium, licking his lips in preparation for an unveiling of who my grandmother really was. Continue reading “The Man Upstairs – Part Two”

The Return Of England’s King – Part Two

The Once and Future King looked around his realm, to see his knights standing close by and his beloved overjoyed at his return. But Lancelot was not there. Nor was his beloved Guinevere there to cleave him. A horrific world moved about him, a world so futuristic the King fell to his knees in awe.

While he did not know it, the 31st century whizzed by his ancient being. Lanterns flashed unnatural colours. Horseless carriages flew through the air. The tongues of far of lands were shouted at him from passersby. The smells that overwhelmed him were so sweet, so new. Continue reading “The Return Of England’s King – Part Two”

My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Five

I don’t know how Salanth knew the things that she taught me. I didn’t think to ask at the time, but now the thought haunts me. As a child, I didn’t ask how old my life companion was when I received her. I assumed that she was also a baby. But there is no way a thirty year old dragon could have mastered all the things that she taught me… Continue reading “My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Five”

A Brain To Pick

Some people collect coins. Other collect rocks or postage stamps. My father-in-law collects the dead spark plugs out of antique cars. But I collect something really different. Something that me bugged by the CIA, arrested, sent to Guantanamo Bay, had my citizenship revoked, and then raised to the heights of the medical community.

I collect human brains. And no, I’m not any kind of scientist. Continue reading “A Brain To Pick”

The Last Speaker

(Editor’s note: All italics words are added for clarify, either for grammatical clarify or for translation purposes.)

I am the last known speaker of a dead tongue. It was passed down from chief to chief, through my people for thousands of years. It was never written down until now. Ours was a spoken tongue, deeply rooted in our history. Continue reading “The Last Speaker”

Time Banished

“Before we carry out your sentence, do you have any last words?”

My stare conveyed a lot. All I felt for the judge and jury was contempt. They had no idea what they were doing in condemning me. Especially condemning me to this. My “crime” was not mine, nor a crime. It was just something they didn’t like, because it did not benefit them in any way, and I happen to be a great scapegoat.

“Nothing, former Grand Rabbi Tov?” Continue reading “Time Banished”

Lost and Found

Every archeologist hopes they are the one that finds the “big one”.

We all want to find the Ark of the Covenant. We all want to be the one that uncovers the Spear of Destiny. We all want to have our name printed in the byline, under the headline, “Noah’s Ark Found.” Continue reading “Lost and Found”