The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part Three

I had suspected that I would see Dr. Terribleman soon. If he was indeed transforming from villain to hero, I would see him in the city doing something incredible heroic to prove himself. We all did that when we started out. Imagine my surprise when he was doing nothing like that.

At the top of Woodhaven Tower, Terribleman stood on a black cloud and was screaming. His hair had turned white. His lab coat was gone. Instead he wore a silver kilt with golden edging. His gizmos and gadgets were replaced by a tall sceptre with a snake coiled to the top. Continue reading “The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part Three”

My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Five

I don’t know how Salanth knew the things that she taught me. I didn’t think to ask at the time, but now the thought haunts me. As a child, I didn’t ask how old my life companion was when I received her. I assumed that she was also a baby. But there is no way a thirty year old dragon could have mastered all the things that she taught me… Continue reading “My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Five”

Prayer – Part Four

(This is Part 4 of the story. Make sure you read Parts 1, 2, and 3 first.)


“My Lord, I am but your messenger. Those You have created ask if cats will be in heaven. I only repeat what they pray.”

“Sigh. I know, good Gabriel. I know.”

Heaven is a place of great music, O new Citizen of Heaven. Choirs sing songs in colours you have not seen. Seraphim dance a holy dance that brings joy to the hearer. But there are times when there is silence. Not a pause between song or dance, but a silence. Everyone, everything, every heavenly creature ceases all they are doing. Continue reading “Prayer – Part Four”

Prayer – Part Three

(This is Part Three of our story. Be sure to read Part One and Part Two.)

“Lord, there is one prayer that seems to be repeated over and over again.”

“Hmm, what is that Gabriel?”

“There is a sick boy, a baby. Hardly two weeks old. They are asking for healing, for restoration, for your divine intervention.”

“Hmmm.” Continue reading “Prayer – Part Three”

Prayer – Part Two

(This is Part Two of the story. If you haven’t read Part One, click here now.)

“Don’t you think that cats should get into heaven, God?”

“That isn’t the issue Gabriel. You know that.” Continue reading “Prayer – Part Two”

Infamy – Part 5

Adolf stood over the map of Europe, alone in his personal War Room. He had cleared the room mere moments ago; upon hearing the news the F.D. Roosevelt had declared war on Japan. The declaration came shortly after Pearl Harbor, a military base in a water-bound state belonging to America. The attack had been barbaric, even for him.

The war had gone as planned. The British and their allies, rallying behind this Winston fellow, had made several attempts at advancing, but had not held a victory over Adolf’s troops. Even along the eastern front, the Russians had not been able to route the superior SS driver forces. Adolf allowed himself a smile. He had done well; at least, until now. Continue reading “Infamy – Part 5”

Infamy – Part 4


It had been a long two years. Almost two years, though it indeed had felt longer to Winston. The responsibilities that bore down upon him were, as the American journalist had said, “greater than those carried by any other human being on earth”. Winston was exhausted.

He knew that it was not his predecessor who had put forth his name for the job. A greater power than that of Chamberlain, or even that of King George VI, had pushed Winston into the role of Prime Minister. Continue reading “Infamy – Part 4”

Infamy – Part 3


The Oval Office was a place a President went to for candid photographs, publicized meetings, or to sit behind a desk and sign your presidency away. For the last several years, it had been this new room, in the West Wing. Behind the Hoover desk, with the clear sky behind him, President F.D. Roosevelt sat, with veiled thoughts behind his clear eyes.  Continue reading “Infamy – Part 3”

Infamy – Part 2

It was late November in 1941, out of the Pacific ocean as Commander Fuchida watched his men board their planes. He stood aboard the Akagi, Japan’s greatest carrier, watching the A6M-0 fighters move into place. He breathed a sigh of disappointment, because he knew he would never see these planes again. Continue reading “Infamy – Part 2”

Infamy – Part 1


The messenger ran into the room, slowing as he approached the table which was surrounded by high ranking officers. With a salute, he handed a crisp, white envelope to a young officer, recently promoted First Officer Sakamaki. As the messenger turned to leave, Sakamaki tore the envelope open, and glanced at it’s contents. With a frown, he stepped up to the table and handed the piece of paper to his superior, Admiral Kusaka.

Kusaka immediately stopped in midsentence. The letterhead was familiar to him, and caused the man who never showed fear to his subordinates to waiver. Continue reading “Infamy – Part 1”