I Made A Mistake, Part Five

(Make sure you start at the beginning of this story. Read Part One here.)

“Goodnight Mark.”

Sara shut the door to her apartment with a resounding bang. The message was clear: You screwed up, pal.

All I could do was sigh. She was right. I deserved to have a door slammed in my face. I had screwed up, and in a major way. Continue reading “I Made A Mistake, Part Five”

I Made A Mistake, Part Four

(Read Part One, Two, and Three if you haven’t already.)

I had been dating Sara on and off for 4 months. She didn’t want to be exclusive at first, but things had been going well over the last few dates. There was lots of laughing, long stares, smiles that held a secret behind them, great meals, memorable times together; everything that you would want a dating relationship to be.

But no matter how good the 4 cheese lasagna was, I couldn’t full invest myself in the night. Sara was talking about her new boss, something about how he filed some papers. While normally I was an attentive listener, a question was occupying my thoughts.

Do I tell Sara about Tabitha? Continue reading “I Made A Mistake, Part Four”

I Made A Mistake, Part Three

(Be sure to read Part One and Two before you read Three.)

I was alone with my thoughts. Kyle had left hours ago, but I remained sitting in my living room, unmoved.

What was I going to do about Tabitha?

My word, my honour, my reputation, even my future political career were on the line. If I didn’t follow through on this promise, I would have nothing.

But if I married her…I would have dead cats filling my house. Continue reading “I Made A Mistake, Part Three”

I Made A Mistake, Part Two

(Be sure to read Part One before moving on.)

“Why don’t you just ignore her? Pretend that it never happened?”

As awesome of a friend as he was, Kyle wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. Rolling my eyes, I replied, “I can’t. You know who I am. You know what I’m like. I can’t just ignore this.”

Kyle nodded in agreement. I was the kind of guy that took his word very seriously. Even on the smallest things, I was true to my word. I always followed through. But the idea of having to get married to Tabitha made me throw up in my mouth.

I had done more Internet stalking before Kyle arrived at my apartment. The Facebook photo albums of the stuffed cats are just the tip-of-the-iceberg. She had a YouTube channel. Continue reading “I Made A Mistake, Part Two”

I Made A Mistake, Part One

Have you ever made a decision when you were young that you came to fully regret as an adult?

Maybe you got some embarrassing tattoo that you can’t afford to cover up. Maybe you accidentally uploaded a horrifying video of you streaking down the street, and now realize your boss will see it.¬†Or maybe, like me, you made a promise that if at 46, you and a certain friend were not married, that you would tie the knot so that you didn’t have to live alone.

I made that bet when I was 16 to a girl name Tabitha. Continue reading “I Made A Mistake, Part One”