Aliens Have Arrived – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One before you read this.)

The experts and conspiracy theorists were beside themselves. Never had they considered that alien life would be water-bound life. These squid like creatures planted on our planet and swam in our oceans, breed in our lakes and rivers. And strangely, did not disrupt the ecosystem in the least.

Some thought that they made it better. Continue reading “Aliens Have Arrived – Part Two”

Galactic Problems

“Species of the Galactic Council, please take your peace.”

The shuffle of feet, hooves, tentacles, and other appendages could be heard throughout the auditorium, somewhat drowning out the other language translations of the announcement. The first session of this annual meeting was about to begin. While not the first session of its history, this would be the first time that the human species was involved in an official capacity.

The announcement was made in English first for our benefit, as was the tradition when new species joined the Galactic Council. Ours would be the 45th galactic species to sign the Galactic Council’s legislation, but we were hesitant. Continue reading “Galactic Problems”

The Return Of England’s King – Part Two

The Once and Future King looked around his realm, to see his knights standing close by and his beloved overjoyed at his return. But Lancelot was not there. Nor was his beloved Guinevere there to cleave him. A horrific world moved about him, a world so futuristic the King fell to his knees in awe.

While he did not know it, the 31st century whizzed by his ancient being. Lanterns flashed unnatural colours. Horseless carriages flew through the air. The tongues of far of lands were shouted at him from passersby. The smells that overwhelmed him were so sweet, so new. Continue reading “The Return Of England’s King – Part Two”



“Say that again, Rover One.”

“I said, the original Mars Rover, the Curious or whatever it was, it’s here. But it’s destroyed.”

I stared at the screen. I was still millions of miles from the red planet, but I could feel the same terror that was griping the astronaut that was there. The original Mars Rover, the Curiosity, considered MIA by the NASA chairman, was in fact there. But it had been gutted. Continue reading “Destroyed”

NASA Off A Budget


In the years of the Trump Administration, NASA suffered. Not that President Trump didn’t want to sent Americans into space. He rather fancied the idea of the Great Nation of America spreading it’s wings and conquering more territory.

But in his quest to “Make America Great Again”, he severed all the ties that NASA had made with other nations and their space programs. China backed out. India went solo, creating their own space station. Russia did open their doors to American astronauts, but no one wanted to go with the Cosmonauts. That only raised more political tension and global uncertainty. Continue reading “NASA Off A Budget”

A Real Live Human


“A real live human…I thought that they were extinct, for thousands of years now” she said, as she gently reached her tentacle towards the infant human. Continue reading “A Real Live Human”

Not Mountains


“Those aren’t mountains…they are pyramids. Now, just let that thought sink in for a moment. They are pyramids…giant pyramids. Take a deep breathe. And exhale.

“Now, what questions come to your minds?” Continue reading “Not Mountains”

The First Landing

Day 147

We have arrived. I almost thought we would be lost in space forever at the rate things were going, but no, we are here.

The captain is trying to keep everyone low key. “Just because we found the planet doesn’t mean that we have accomplished anything yet.”

He is right, probe found this planet almost a hundred years ago, but for us to survive the long journey, and actually see it with our own eyes… Continue reading “The First Landing”

The Return Of England’s King

In the last days of the great King Arthur, it was prophesied that he would return to England in the hour of her greatest need.

Whether people thought it was a mere legend or histotrical fact, the prophecy lasted through the years. In 1914, the Great War broke out, and England looked for their returning King. But he did not show. When the battle was finally over, in 1918, the number of faithful believers started to dwindle. If this World War was not the hour of greatest need, when would that hour be? How terrible would things need to be for Arthur to return?

Continue reading “The Return Of England’s King”

CIA Secrets

I hate this part.

It’s not the President herself that I don’t like. It’s what happens after they get sworn into office, and they call me in to talk. They all have. Every president that has held office since we were established as asked to have a meeting with the Central Intelligence Agency’s director. They want to know what is going on behind the curtain. And I am bound by oath to tell them. Continue reading “CIA Secrets”