The Last Speaker

(Editor’s note: All italics words are added for clarify, either for grammatical clarify or for translation purposes.)

I am the last known speaker of a dead tongue. It was passed down from chief to chief, through my people for thousands of years. It was never written down until now. Ours was a spoken tongue, deeply rooted in our history. Continue reading “The Last Speaker”


The End

Mr. Phillips walked up the stairs to the platform and stepped up to the speaker’s box. He glanced down at the ghost-written pages, trying to ignore the glare of the camera lights.

“Thank you all for coming today.”

Mr. Phillips cleared his throat.

“At approximately one a.m. this morning, there was an air strike at the Capital. Several buildings were destroyed, hundreds killed and thousands injured. We only have rough numbers in right now, more details will be shared when we know more.” Continue reading “The End”

The Great Kingdom Of America


In 1777, George Washington accept the role and title of “King of America” from the Continental Congress.

But in 2015, there was a succession crisis. The latest American King passed away without an heir, no one to pass the name of Washington onto, no one to take up the crown and rule over the Great Kingdom of America. Continue reading “The Great Kingdom Of America”