A Birthday Present

It started out innocent enough. No one really thought about it too hard.

The oldest living person, a women in Denmark, passed away at 115. It was crazy that she lived that long. Crazier still that she died on her birthday.

After she passed away, there was a new older person in the world. This time it was a man, a Tibetan monk who had reached 113. Then he passed away. On his birthday.

Sadly, it took 8 of the world’s oldest people to pass away before anyone started asking the obvious question. Why were these people all passing away on their birthday? Continue reading “A Birthday Present”

Jonathon’s Birthday

Jonathon screamed with joy as his mother pushed him, until she couldn’t reach anymore. She ran under his swing, and whirled about to see him. More squeals and laughter came from Jonathon, as he swung back and forth, forth and back. His mother mirrored his smile, enjoying their day together.

It was Jonathon’s birthday. And he, the ever head-strong young boy, had decided that he and his mother would enjoy the park. Continue reading “Jonathon’s Birthday”

Happy Birthday Canada

What kind of trajectory was Canada on in 2016?

Where was the Great White North heading?

What were the goals of the nation, the priorities?

How were people thinking and voting for, spending their time and money?

I wish I knew. Then maybe Canada wouldn’t be in this mess.

From what I have learned, what started us all down this path was a new tax measure. They had called it a “tax on carbon”, which is a joke really. All life on what’s left of this planet is made up of carbon. What it really was, was a tax on emissions. But no one liked the sounds of “emissions tax”. And if it was called “emissions tax” then the big companies and factories might actually have to change or pay. The government didn’t want to lose any jobs or employers or business, so they only taxed the middle and lower case.

I will say this about the Canadian government of the past. They stuck to their gold plated guns, and screwed over 99% of their country.

In 4 months, 56% of the country was in debt up to $80,000. No one could afford to drive to work, and businesses couldn’t afford to be open, yet alone have employees. The whole economic system collapsed under the weight of this new tax.

And then things got worse. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Canada”

The Mystery Scar

Garden Party

My eighteenth birthday party was awesome. The guys came over and we played football in the park, until Dad called us in for the BBQ. To make it even better, Dad marinated the burgers in beer, and then let us drink. Who cares if you’re a minor, Dad said, you are a man in my books.

The girls from class dropped by right before cake. They brought me a little present, something to let them know they appreciated me as the star quarter back of the high school team.

The night was perfect. Not much more that I could have asked for. Good friends, good food, good beer. A good night for sure. Then my parents called me into the living room.

I was sure I was going to be getting a car. That’s what my elder brother got for his 18th birthday. It wasn’t a great car, but it was still a car. I grabbed by seat across from the two of them on the couch. Dad asked if I had a good day, to which I responded I had.

“Good,” he replied, with a frog in his throat. Something was wrong. “Alex,” he said,”I think it’s time we talked about your scar. The scar you have on your left side.” Continue reading “The Mystery Scar”