The Coffee Planet – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One.)

The TimStar Rebellion began as most rebellions do, with death.

The Galactic Queen had served for nearly 100 years. Her body was old and frail. Though the technology existed to repair her, to let her endure for many more years, she decided to let it all go. She slipped away peacefully in her sleep, or so the propaganda told us. Continue reading “The Coffee Planet – Part Two”


They were late. Not that I was expecting them to be on time, they weren’t before everything happened. But I had secretly hoped that almost 100 years of separation would have created some kind of excitement or urgency in them.

I reached into my vest pocket and pulled out my watch. I’d only been waiting a half hour; and what was half an hour when you were immortal? Continue reading “Immortality”

A Mother’s Dream

I looked down at my To-Do list. Done.

Everything was crossed off. There wasn’t a single chore or task that I had left to do. I had accomplished everything that needed to be done. Continue reading “A Mother’s Dream”

The Coffee Planet


This planet was created to make the most perfect coffee bean in the universe. Now that may sound like a waste of a planet to you, but then you may be one of those people that has become a custom to drinking truly terrible coffee.

Choca-9 was terraformed in 2241 to produce the best coffee beans, because humanity was sick of gross coffee. Continue reading “The Coffee Planet”

A Sip Of Freedom


Greg stared out the window of his office, wondering what it would be like to fall from the 34th floor.

He sipped some more coffee, followed by a weighed sigh. It was sweet enough for his liking, but also the only real highlight of his day. Within the next 15 minutes, he expected to be fired, or “have his professional relationship with the company ended.” That was the joy of a recession. Everyone was getting fired as companies looked for ways to pinch pennies. Greg knew that his termination was coming. It just seemed to be the way things were going in his life. Everything was ending. Continue reading “A Sip Of Freedom”