You Can’t Kill Hitler – Part Three

(The story continues. Make sure you have read Part One and Part Two before you keep going.)

“Make sure you buckle your seatbelt, John.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was pulling the five-point harness together so that I would be strapped into my seat in a time machine. Which made me ask myself, why would there need to be five-point harnesses in a time machine? Was Dr. Bradshaw expecting it to be that rough of a trip?

“Question, John?” Continue reading “You Can’t Kill Hitler – Part Three”

You Can’t Kill Hitler – Part Two


(Make sure you read Part One of this story before reading any more.)

I looked at Dr. Bradshaw like he had just told me that he had breed unicorns to sing Beethoven’s Fifth symphony. There was so much going on in the statement that he had just made that I took a step back. Continue reading “You Can’t Kill Hitler – Part Two”

A Modern Myth For Our Modern Universe

In the beginning, there was nothing, only The Twins. On the left was Logos. On the right, Pathos. The two lived in harmony, each letting the other do as they wished. But the space before the universe was born remained empty. Continue reading “A Modern Myth For Our Modern Universe”

In The Beginning

At first, there was nothing. No sounds, no lights, not even colours or shades. It seemed like nothing was going to happen.

Then, slowly, a light began to grow. The light was brilliant, but fringed at the edge with hints of blues and purples and greens and yellows. Within the slowly growing lights, there was a small, faint hum. As the light grew, so did the hum. The hum grew louder and became a melody. If you paid close attention, you could note that the colours danced to the tune, rising and falling in shades, tones, and accents. Continue reading “In The Beginning”

The Preface Of The Bible


Before the beginning, there was God.

He was one and only, and outside of Him, there was nothing.

Then God said, “Let us create heavenly splendor, creatures of awesome power and beauty. Let them sing and dance, walk and talk, and be found in our Presence. Let us create wonderful beings that We may share who We are, and may enjoy those We have made.”

And it was so. And God saw the creatures He had made, and they were good. He called them Angels.

Then God said, “It is good that We have created these heavenly hosts. But they are not in Our image, in Our likeness. How I long to love on a son that I have borne like Me.”

God wept, for He longed to behold a creature in His likeness, in His image. The sorrow of a mother overwhelmed Him, but did not consume Him. In His sorrow was birthed a great and powerful joy and love.

Then God said,” I will create another wonderful creature, lower than the Angels, but clothed in a glory and majesty. They will bear My image and I will love them.”

So God began to create for them a home.

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.

(Author’s Note: Please understand, this is a piece of fiction. I am a devout Christian and would never do something as foolish as trying to add to the Bible. This was written with great respect for God and His Word.)