Hiding From The Light

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

“And yet, here we are two grown men, cowaring in the corner so the light doesn’t get us!”

“Yes, well…Plato didn’t mean the light as in a UV ray canon. I think he would agree cowaring is the appropriate response.” Continue reading “Hiding From The Light”

The Other Sword In The Stone

The legend is true: Arthur pulled the sword from the stone.

But as is the case with most stories, that is only half of it. The sword that Arthur pulled from the stone that day was the sword that gave him his rightful lordship over England. But he failed to pull out the second sword. Continue reading “The Other Sword In The Stone”

My Toes Found Trouble

My toes find the end table.

A muffled groan is all that can be heard. I don’t want to wake up my wife and daughter. My mouth still closed and I moan ‘ouch’. Why in the world was the end table sitting in the middle of the living room?

It would have made sense to run into it if we had been vacuuming or rearranging the furniture, decided to leave it all for the night, and went to bed. That would be logical. I could accept that and take this throbbing pain in stride. But we weren’t vacuuming or rearranging anything. So why was it there? Continue reading “My Toes Found Trouble”

I Walked Through A Mirror

I found my inner void exposed. Something that I had kept hidden now surrounded me. How this had happened I could not explain. So unreal was what I saw that I could not speak out of a wretched awe and horror. My sickness and depravity was played out before my eyes. Continue reading “I Walked Through A Mirror”