A Look Into My Soul

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.

What happens when you can’t look into your own eyes? What does that say about your soul?

You might say, look in a mirror. I would, but I’m a vampire. Continue reading “A Look Into My Soul”

A Space Ghost

“Houston, this Lt. White signing off.”

“Alright, White. Signing off. See you in 5.”

I pushed myself away from the computer screen and towards my bunk. I really needed some shut eye. It had been a long day. A space walk. A near power outage. And then a 3 hour debriefing with NASA. I know they are worried about us and what is happening with this new space station. But, blah, I need sleep. Continue reading “A Space Ghost”

We Are It

To say that we spent billions on this search would be an understatement. The United States alone spent some 100 billion dollars in space related technology to answer the age old question: are we alone in the universe?

It was 2048, after the second planetary election on the Mars One habitat, when the last space probe responded. The final transmission took a week to receive but when it did come through, the whole of humanity waited with baited breath for the answer. Continue reading “We Are It”

CSI: Afterlife

I don’t understand why people think that suicide victims routinely sit down and write a suicide note.

You are at the end of your rope, contemplating to end it all. So you decide to sit down and pour out your emotions? Is that what you are wanting to do, have a self therapy section? Continue reading “CSI: Afterlife”

The Deep Cut

I hadn’t cut into a body in months, and now they expected me to do it in a fevered rush.

“I don’t think that I’m ready to do this again,” I nervous said to the man in the black suit. He looked down at me through his dark sunglasses.

“I think you can, Mr. Anderson.” Continue reading “The Deep Cut”

The Golden Bible In The Antarctic

Most travelers to Antarctica are scientists. They are looking for ways to kill diseases, communicate with alien life forms, or do illegal experimentation on animals. While those reasons for being on this godforsaken continent may seem strange, it does get down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit, that is not why I am here.

At the very center of this ice block, there is a legendary and secret library. Continue reading “The Golden Bible In The Antarctic”

Sunny Days No More

There had been a murder.

They called me in. It wasn’t my usual neighborhood, but I owed the Captain a favor. When I got there, I knew I wasn’t at home. This was a friendly neighborhood. Well lit. Windows left open. Cars without bats on the steering wheels. Here, people trusted other people.

I made my way past the police tape. Every cop there stared at me. They were all dressing in their finest outfits. Me, in my beaten up trench coat and fedora.

Couldn’t wait to get out of here.

And then I saw it. The victim. Continue reading “Sunny Days No More”

The Blood Staff of Moses

Most people know about the different religious artifacts that Christians talk about. The Ark of the Covenant is a popular one, appearing in numerous Hollywood films. The Holy Grail, The Spear of Destiny, the nails of Jesus’ crucifix, or pieces of the Crucifix it’s self are items of holy lore.

They are a part of the religious story, and somehow endowed with mystical powers that anyone can use, or abuse, in whatever way they want.

I am one of those people who believes in the mystical artifacts and powers, though I am not so much interested in the artifacts that I have just mentioned. I am after a less popular one, but more powerful and life giving to my people than anything else. You see, I am a vampire. What is most life giving to me is blood. So the sacred pies of Biblical lore that I have searched for eons is unique.

In the Holy Scripture, there is a story of a man that touched the Great Nile River with a stick. Miraculously, the water turned to blood. Such a thing would change the vampire world.

The Blood Staff of Moses was thought lost, but I have found it.

 A Door In The Floor

We had scrimped and saved for years, and the day that our dream house went on the market, we made our offer.

I didn’t think that we would honestly get it. It was a 6 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, former plantation house that had been moved from the southern US up to the Great Lakes in Canada. The history surrounding the house alone made it a multimillion dollar home. It has a part of the Underground Railroad. It was the largest house ever moved across the continental US. It now sat on the lake shore of Lake Superior, in its own private cove. There was no way we would get it.

But a phone call late that summer proved me wrong. And my coworkers laughing at me for falling out of my seat reminded me, the impossible sometimes happens.

My wife couldn’t believe the news. They rejected every other offer, insisting that we got the house at a drastically reduced price. What was a $3.2 million home was now ours for $350,000.

The impossible happened. And when I went down into the basement of our new home, I found out the impossible was about to become a regular occurrence. Continue reading “ A Door In The Floor”

A Birthday Present

It started out innocent enough. No one really thought about it too hard.

The oldest living person, a women in Denmark, passed away at 115. It was crazy that she lived that long. Crazier still that she died on her birthday.

After she passed away, there was a new older person in the world. This time it was a man, a Tibetan monk who had reached 113. Then he passed away. On his birthday.

Sadly, it took 8 of the world’s oldest people to pass away before anyone started asking the obvious question. Why were these people all passing away on their birthday? Continue reading “A Birthday Present”