The Good Bad Guy

“Alright Doctor Von Horrif, you have won. You have defeated the superheroes of the world. You have disabled the world’s defenses. We have nothing to throw at you anymore. You effectively rule the world.”

“Yes I do.”

The President looked around at the rest of the United Nations delegates. What were they going to do? A villain had won. And now they were under his authority. What evil and depraved thing would he command them to do?

“So what do you want now?” someone shouted from the back.

“A very good question, my global territory leaders.”

He rose from his makeshift throne to make his declarations.

“First, and effective immediately, we are destroying all coal power plants on the earth. This violent pollutant needs to be stopped.” Continue reading “The Good Bad Guy”


The First Landing

Day 147

We have arrived. I almost thought we would be lost in space forever at the rate things were going, but no, we are here.

The captain is trying to keep everyone low key. “Just because we found the planet doesn’t mean that we have accomplished anything yet.”

He is right, probe found this planet almost a hundred years ago, but for us to survive the long journey, and actually see it with our own eyes… Continue reading “The First Landing”

The Truth About Leap Year


Every four years, we get an extra day in February. They call it a Leap Year.

People all over the globe celebrate the extra day in some strange ways. Women ask men to marry them, rather than the traditional men asking women. There are special dances and parties, all based around the idea of an extra, or having more of something.

With all the festivities, no one stops to think or ask questions. No one thinks that this extra day a year is out of the ordinary. It’s been around as long as anyone can remember, why wouldn’t it be normal? Continue reading “The Truth About Leap Year”