A Way To Die

In the 21st century, humanity executed their most offensive prisoners. They used lethal injection or electrocution as their methods of justifiable murder. Barbaric, if you ask me. Now in the 24th century, we have refined our methods of dealing with the criminally unwanted. No more nasty drugs or electricity being wasted. No more billions of tax dollars going to housing and keeping Death Row inmates. Why the world thought that this was acceptable is beyond me. Our method is much cleaner, simpler, and more cost effective.

We offer them a choice; a red pill or a blue pill.

I have been told that the colours were selected based on some primitive movie, something to do with a computer matrix and salvation. All a waste of time in my opinion. Death is not a place for symbolism, only the cold, bleak facts.

If a criminally unwanted choses the red pill, they experience a complete electrical shutdown in their body. Essentially, they have swallowed a tiny EMP device. It short circuits their minds, and the body dies.

But, if a criminally unwanted choses the blue pill, things are more interesting. Rather than death, the individual is transported to another realm to die.