President Michael Scott

He had no arms or legs. He couldn’t hear, see, or speak. This was how he led a nation…as the first elected Presidential Cyborg. Continue reading “President Michael Scott”

The One-Eyed King


In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

I thought it was a saying. A clever way of saying that a little knowledge or power, a small advantage over everyone else, would make the world of difference. It could be the game changer, between a serf or a king.

I never thought it was part of a country’s history. Continue reading “The One-Eyed King”

Time Machine Tech Line


“Hello, my name is Daniel. How can I help you?”

“Hello, yes, Daniel. It’s the Doctor.”

“Doctor Who?”

“Exactly. Now, I’m having some trouble with my TARDIS.”

“What model of TARDIS would that be Mr. Doctor?”

“It’s just the Doctor. TT Type 40, Mark 3.” Continue reading “Time Machine Tech Line”

Indiana Jones and The Quest for The Ambrosia

“Dr. Jones, tell us about your most recent discovery.”

Indiana Jones continued to look into the darkness, just beyond the spot light. How could this be? What did this mean?

“Dr. Jones! We are waiting.”

He didn’t move his head, but his eyes, filled with hatred and indignation, glanced towards the voice. Continue reading “Indiana Jones and The Quest for The Ambrosia”