The Worst Of Both Worlds

Oh, what I would give to punch my boss in the face, I thought.

He did his anxious pace around the shop again, lurking over my co-worker’s shoulders to see if they had successfully leeched every last penny from the customer.

This guy made me sick. His attitude was childish. Snooping around. Actually guilting people into buying his product.

There he goes again. Continue reading “The Worst Of Both Worlds”

A Father’s Day Letter

Hey Dad.

How are you doing?

I’m doing great. Wish you were here. You would love this view. The sunlight. The quiet water. You can almost hear the grass growing, it is so peaceful here.

Things haven’t been the same without you around. I mean, I am having a wonderful time here. But there are moments when I am so happy, and enjoying life so much that I turn to see your smile…. But I’ll see you soon. I know. I’m sure of it. Continue reading “A Father’s Day Letter”

A Girl Without A Father

She longed for a present father. From deep with her soul, this longing came, and she wasn’t sure how long it had been there. Maybe it started when her biological father abandoned her for the drink, realizing that it was easy to slip into a bottle than into the role of a little girl’s daddy. It could have started with her mother’s string of lovers, when they displayed contempt for the little girl as she gingerly poked them in the morning, asking, “Can you get me some milk?” Continue reading “A Girl Without A Father”