The Man Upstairs – Part Two

The entire funeral froze. It wasn’t often that someone got up to speak that the family didn’t know, that the closest friends of the recently deceased had never heard of, but were now hearing from. The Man Upstairs hasn’t a figure of speech. He was standing at the podium, licking his lips in preparation for an unveiling of who my grandmother really was. Continue reading “The Man Upstairs – Part Two”

I Sat By The Sea


I sat by the sea, and tried to forget. But the longer I stared upon the deep, the more my mind desired to dwell on that which I wanted to forget. Continue reading “I Sat By The Sea”

The Man Upstairs

“I know most of you here don’t know who I am. But I knew Margaret better than anyone here.”

What? Who was this guy? I thought to myself. And what did he think he was doing? He waltzed up to the podium of my grandmother’s funeral, all fancy in his purple suit, and started to talk. He knew her better than anyone? Better than her friends? Her family? Her husband? Continue reading “The Man Upstairs”

A Family Secret

My father passed away.

As everyone walked past our family, giving their condolences, I saw something odd. A large group of men, dressed with bright red turbans standing outside the church, as if they were waiting for something.

Then I saw them again at the burial sight. They didn’t stand close to the casket, but close enough that they could probably hear everything that was being said. After the priest dismissed everyone, I stayed behind. I wanted a minute to say good bye to my father alone.

Apparently, so did the red turbaned gentlemen. Continue reading “A Family Secret”