A Future Email – Part Two

(Be sure to read Part One here.)

I hit “send” and the familiar whoosh sound announced that my email was sent. The email that I wrote to my future self. I waited a moment before I went about doing any other work, fully expecting an automated response to come back saying that the email couldn’t be delivered.

I waited, took a sip of my coffee. I leaned back in my chair and stretched. I wondered if Al from accounting had updated the fantasy football pool. I leaned back into my computer to message him. There was an email notification. Continue reading “A Future Email – Part Two”

The Return Of England’s King – Part Two

The Once and Future King looked around his realm, to see his knights standing close by and his beloved overjoyed at his return. But Lancelot was not there. Nor was his beloved Guinevere there to cleave him. A horrific world moved about him, a world so futuristic the King fell to his knees in awe.

While he did not know it, the 31st century whizzed by his ancient being. Lanterns flashed unnatural colours. Horseless carriages flew through the air. The tongues of far of lands were shouted at him from passersby. The smells that overwhelmed him were so sweet, so new. Continue reading “The Return Of England’s King – Part Two”

Knights Rise – Part Two


(Don’t forget to read Part One.)

The name of Mordred took me back to the children’s books that my father had read to me as a child. The sworn enemy of King Arthur, though Arthur did slay him finally in battle, Mordred did wound the Once and Forever King.

While my father may have been reading those books to me to familiarize me with the players that hid behind a curtain on the world stage, the facts were obviously not true. Legend said that King Arthur killed Mordred. So how was he alive, with sons, causing chaos and havoc? Continue reading “Knights Rise – Part Two”

Knights Rise


“My lords, it has once again come time for us to answer the call. The world is in peril.”

I had never been called a “lord” before, even if they meant it in the most barbaric of ways. I was not an owner of land, an overseer of peoples or serfs. I was just the latest recruit in the 21st century fold of The Knights Of The Round Table. Continue reading “Knights Rise”

A Historic Class Drop


“The less you know about this, the better. Just drop the subject…”

Wilhelm slumped in his seat. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“…and pick a different class.”

All Wilhelm had wanted was to take the intro to political sciences class in his senior year of high school, and now had to listen to his guidance counselor shut him down. It was a critical part of his 5 year plan. Take this class, graduate with honors, get an internship at the governor’s office, work his way up through the ranks until he got a paid job working with one of the most powerful men in the country. In the 15 to 20 year plan, there was a transition from governor’s aid to governor himself, but that wasn’t going to be possible now.

“So, what class do you want? Woodworking, Native American History, Cosmetology, or Advanced Arch welding?”

Why couldn’t he take Intro to Political Science?


“Uhh, sorry Ms. Cranthorn. Why can’t I take the class? Is it full?”

“No, it’s not, but I can’t let you take it.”

“But why? I need…”

Mr. Cranthorn barked, “It’s because I know something you don’t know. You can’t take that class.”

To Future Me


Dear Reg of 2026,

Hi. It’s Reg from 2016.

I’m writing this letter to you now so that in a decade you will be able to look back and see what you should have learned, but most likely forgot about.

These aren’t huge life lessons, but things that you should remember.

One, just because the stove element isn’t bright red doesn’t mean that it isn’t still hot.

Two, under no circumstances should you be saying the words, “Hey, watch this.” You are way too old to be doing physical stunts for your children’s amusement. It will only lead to pain, embarrassment, and less than 100 hits on YouTube.

Three, check the label of Campbell’s soup before purchasing, preparing, and eating. Just because you think you see the word “Chicken” on the can doesn’t mean that it is soup you want. There is a small chance that it is Sea Chicken Stew, which is nothing like Chicken Noodle and will most likely lead to a 24-hour vomit fest in your home.

I realize that this has been a short list, but these events changed 2016 for me. I hope you remember them.

In pain from my foolishness,

Reg of 2016

A Future Email

At the beginning of every work day, I receive an email.

That isn’t anything out of the ordinary for most people. I’m sure for just about everyone with an office job, there are hundreds of emails waiting for them as soon as they get to their cubicle. But mine are a bit different. The email I receive is always from myself, my future self. Continue reading “A Future Email”

A Way To Die

In the 21st century, humanity executed their most offensive prisoners. They used lethal injection or electrocution as their methods of justifiable murder. Barbaric, if you ask me. Now in the 24th century, we have refined our methods of dealing with the criminally unwanted. No more nasty drugs or electricity being wasted. No more billions of tax dollars going to housing and keeping Death Row inmates. Why the world thought that this was acceptable is beyond me. Our method is much cleaner, simpler, and more cost effective.

We offer them a choice; a red pill or a blue pill.

I have been told that the colours were selected based on some primitive movie, something to do with a computer matrix and salvation. All a waste of time in my opinion. Death is not a place for symbolism, only the cold, bleak facts.

If a criminally unwanted choses the red pill, they experience a complete electrical shutdown in their body. Essentially, they have swallowed a tiny EMP device. It short circuits their minds, and the body dies.

But, if a criminally unwanted choses the blue pill, things are more interesting. Rather than death, the individual is transported to another realm to die.