I Made A Mistake, Part Three

(Be sure to read Part One and Two before you read Three.)

I was alone with my thoughts. Kyle had left hours ago, but I remained sitting in my living room, unmoved.

What was I going to do about Tabitha?

My word, my honour, my reputation, even my future political career were on the line. If I didn’t follow through on this promise, I would have nothing.

But if I married her…I would have dead cats filling my house. Continue reading “I Made A Mistake, Part Three”

The Extra Boat


Every morning, I would watch the boats head out to sea, and count them.

Every morning, 23 boats, men armed, shields at the ready would slide along the glassy water to fight the far flung evil that needed to be conquered.

I was but a young girl, and enjoyed spending my time waiting and dreaming of what these brave men did. Continue reading “The Extra Boat”

The Unhappy Age

Older Lady

People only age when they are unhappy.

My grandma told me that once. I didn’t think that much of it. She was old and definitely looked the part. I assumed that it was one of those crazy things that grandparents say as they are on their way out. It would be four months before I realized how right she was. Continue reading “The Unhappy Age”


She never spoke. She never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told me exactly what was going to happen.

They were going to kill us. The cyborg gorillas that had overrun the city were going to crush our skulls between their hands and devour our bodies. This was going to be the end. Kayla could see it. She was so overcome with fear, her jaw locked, rendering her speechless. Continue reading “Speechless”

The Girl Is On Fire

“She’s on fire!’

“Oh, that’s normal.”

I stopped in my tracks. Normal? This woman was on fire, running around in circles. And somehow that was normal? My confused expression must have made my thoughts abundantly clear, so my top hat wearing friend elaborated. Continue reading “The Girl Is On Fire”

Without Legs

Even without legs, she stood proudly.

For her, the presence or absence of legs were not what made her beautiful. She hadn’t entered the pageant because of her legs, and she most certainly wasn’t going to be thrown out because of them either. They weren’t the smooth and tan like they once were, but the transparent polymer resin and accents of titanium alloy complimented her dress in a way no other limbs could.

Continue reading “Without Legs”

A Girl Without A Father

She longed for a present father. From deep with her soul, this longing came, and she wasn’t sure how long it had been there. Maybe it started when her biological father abandoned her for the drink, realizing that it was easy to slip into a bottle than into the role of a little girl’s daddy. It could have started with her mother’s string of lovers, when they displayed contempt for the little girl as she gingerly poked them in the morning, asking, “Can you get me some milk?” Continue reading “A Girl Without A Father”