The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part Three

I had suspected that I would see Dr. Terribleman soon. If he was indeed transforming from villain to hero, I would see him in the city doing something incredible heroic to prove himself. We all did that when we started out. Imagine my surprise when he was doing nothing like that.

At the top of Woodhaven Tower, Terribleman stood on a black cloud and was screaming. His hair had turned white. His lab coat was gone. Instead he wore a silver kilt with golden edging. His gizmos and gadgets were replaced by a tall sceptre with a snake coiled to the top. Continue reading “The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part Three”

Prayer – Part Four

(This is Part 4 of the story. Make sure you read Parts 1, 2, and 3 first.)


“My Lord, I am but your messenger. Those You have created ask if cats will be in heaven. I only repeat what they pray.”

“Sigh. I know, good Gabriel. I know.”

Heaven is a place of great music, O new Citizen of Heaven. Choirs sing songs in colours you have not seen. Seraphim dance a holy dance that brings joy to the hearer. But there are times when there is silence. Not a pause between song or dance, but a silence. Everyone, everything, every heavenly creature ceases all they are doing. Continue reading “Prayer – Part Four”

Prayer – Part Three

(This is Part Three of our story. Be sure to read Part One and Part Two.)

“Lord, there is one prayer that seems to be repeated over and over again.”

“Hmm, what is that Gabriel?”

“There is a sick boy, a baby. Hardly two weeks old. They are asking for healing, for restoration, for your divine intervention.”

“Hmmm.” Continue reading “Prayer – Part Three”

Prayer – Part Two

(This is Part Two of the story. If you haven’t read Part One, click here now.)

“Don’t you think that cats should get into heaven, God?”

“That isn’t the issue Gabriel. You know that.” Continue reading “Prayer – Part Two”

If There Is A God

“If there is a god,” she said, gesturing out of the cage, “here’s the proof that he hates you.”

I didn’t need to look up. I knew exactly what Tamara was pointing at. The barren wasteland that was once our home. The death valley of over 35 thousand people. The site of the great genoicide ever committed on North American soil.

I didn’t need to look up. I knew what it looked like. But I also knew something else, something Tamara didn’t know. I could have stopped it all from happening. Continue reading “If There Is A God”

God Has Spoken…Maybe

I’m not what you would call, a “spiritual” person. But when God speaks to you in a dream, you start rethinking things. And when God tells you that humanity is doomed, and that there is only one way to bring salvation to the whole of Earth, you receive that information.

But….I got all this information in a dream…does that mean my subconscious made it all up? Continue reading “God Has Spoken…Maybe”


“Alright, who’s next?”

“Ummm…okay….we’ve got a few kids asking for that exclusive Pokemon character to appear in their bedrooms, so that they will have “caught them all”.

“Why are they so fascinated with these imaginary characters? Are the real life creatures that I created out of words no longer interesting to anyone?” Continue reading “Prayer”

The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part One

“Welcome to the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs. My name is Tracey, how can I help you?”

“Uhh, hi Tracey. I was wondering if I could apply for a conversion?”

“Absolutely. Now, may I ask who’s calling?”

“Sigh. Dr. Terribleman, nemesis of Captain Star.” Continue reading “The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part One”

The Preface Of The Bible


Before the beginning, there was God.

He was one and only, and outside of Him, there was nothing.

Then God said, “Let us create heavenly splendor, creatures of awesome power and beauty. Let them sing and dance, walk and talk, and be found in our Presence. Let us create wonderful beings that We may share who We are, and may enjoy those We have made.”

And it was so. And God saw the creatures He had made, and they were good. He called them Angels.

Then God said, “It is good that We have created these heavenly hosts. But they are not in Our image, in Our likeness. How I long to love on a son that I have borne like Me.”

God wept, for He longed to behold a creature in His likeness, in His image. The sorrow of a mother overwhelmed Him, but did not consume Him. In His sorrow was birthed a great and powerful joy and love.

Then God said,” I will create another wonderful creature, lower than the Angels, but clothed in a glory and majesty. They will bear My image and I will love them.”

So God began to create for them a home.

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.

(Author’s Note: Please understand, this is a piece of fiction. I am a devout Christian and would never do something as foolish as trying to add to the Bible. This was written with great respect for God and His Word.)