Infamy – Part 3


The Oval Office was a place a President went to for candid photographs, publicized meetings, or to sit behind a desk and sign your presidency away. For the last several years, it had been this new room, in the West Wing. Behind the Hoover desk, with the clear sky behind him, President F.D. Roosevelt sat, with veiled thoughts behind his clear eyes.  Continue reading “Infamy – Part 3”

Infamy – Part 1


The messenger ran into the room, slowing as he approached the table which was surrounded by high ranking officers. With a salute, he handed a crisp, white envelope to a young officer, recently promoted First Officer Sakamaki. As the messenger turned to leave, Sakamaki tore the envelope open, and glanced at it’s contents. With a frown, he stepped up to the table and handed the piece of paper to his superior, Admiral Kusaka.

Kusaka immediately stopped in midsentence. The letterhead was familiar to him, and caused the man who never showed fear to his subordinates to waiver. Continue reading “Infamy – Part 1”

Infamy – Prologue

The clock struck three; it was now January 1, 1933. Around the room, several people stirred. Of course, some of them had been dozing, too tired to be patient. One gentleman, in a blue suit with a bushy white mustache, grumbled and tried to settle himself back to sleep. Those who had not slipped into slumber wished they had, but did their best to stay awake and attentive.

The Author, the head of their organization, was late. Well, he would never say he was late. He would rather say that he chose to show up when he was able, and the will of the group should not run in contrast with his own. None dared challenge him on this. In this organization, the Order, the Author was the man with the power, the plan, and the judgement. To disobey him…

Suddenly, the doors at the end of room flew back on its hinges, slamming into the supporting walls. All the paintings rattled, just as did the occupants of the room. They all turned to see who stood at the door; even those who had just been returning to slumber were on their feet and attentive. Standing where the doors once were, was a man, or a giant. Continue reading “Infamy – Prologue”