Aliens Have Arrived – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One before you read this.)

The experts and conspiracy theorists were beside themselves. Never had they considered that alien life would be water-bound life. These squid like creatures planted on our planet and swam in our oceans, breed in our lakes and rivers. And strangely, did not disrupt the ecosystem in the least.

Some thought that they made it better. Continue reading “Aliens Have Arrived – Part Two”

Aliens Have Arrived

It finally happened, but it was nothing like we expected. Aliens finally invaded Earth.

They came in droves. Millions and millions of little green men and women coming to colonize our home world.¬†Every civilization trembled in fear. Leaders took shelter, with their collective fingers on the big red button to engage in intergalactic war. As they got closer and closer, we watched as they moved over top of every major coastal city. The “experts” figured that they would destroy the major cities, cause a global earthquake storm and then annihilate what was left of us. They were wrong. Continue reading “Aliens Have Arrived”

They Looked Cute

They were the most adorable invading force the Earth had ever seen.

Throughout the eons, Earth had seen numerous conquerors, from Attila the Hun right to the days of elected dictators. Regardless of the time, humanity wondered about alien life. They postulated that it was out there somewhere amongst the stars. And with that came a question, if aliens landed here, would they friends or foes? Continue reading “They Looked Cute”