A Rant On Pause

Suitcase of Money

It finally happened. I won the lottery. 3.74 million dollars are now mine.

But before I enjoy my new bank account balance, I need to go quit my job. This is going to be fun.

Time to let all the anger and frustration out that I had been feeling for four years. Oh, was it going to be good, I thought to myself. Too bad I didn’t have someone to record it. I would love to be able to rewatch everyone’s expressions when I unload everything I hate about this place. Continue reading “A Rant On Pause”

Today Is A Great Day

Today is a great day.

I told my boss to go screw himself. I told him I was done with his moronic antics and attitude. I told him I had had enough of his ignorance and willful stupidity. I used every colorful and four-lettered word that I could think of to describe everything that I had been bottling up for almost five years. And then I quit.

Wow, did it feel good. I am on a high. Continue reading “Today Is A Great Day”

The Worst Of Both Worlds

Oh, what I would give to punch my boss in the face, I thought.

He did his anxious pace around the shop again, lurking over my co-worker’s shoulders to see if they had successfully leeched every last penny from the customer.

This guy made me sick. His attitude was childish. Snooping around. Actually guilting people into buying his product.

There he goes again. Continue reading “The Worst Of Both Worlds”

A Third Type Of Job

There are two types of jobs: those you shower before and those you shower after. I’ve worked in white collar jobs where personal hygiene demanded constant upkeep. How one presented themselves has an impact on how well you did in sales.

I’ve worked blue collar jobs too. The smell of oil and gas cling to your body long after you have left the shop. Whether you showered that morning or not, you’d be scrubbing at night so that your spouse will let you into bed.

But I got a new job, Continue reading “A Third Type Of Job”