A Rusted Crown


I wandered through the ruins of a once mighty city. The battle had tarnished its beauty, and death replaced the vibrant life that used to fill the streets. I wanted to take it all in, once more, before I left for the desert. I wouldn’t not be back again, and I wanted to remember my home. Continue reading “A Rusted Crown”

A Slip Of The Ear

“I have done as thou hath commanded, my King.” The young knight bowed low at the throne of the Great King Tiberius.

“Indeed. And what hath I commanded?”

“My lord, thou hath sent me out, beyond the Great Forrest, across the White River, to slay the dragon.”

“Thou hath done what?” The Great King lifted himself off his throne with anger. The frightened knight cowered. Continue reading “A Slip Of The Ear”

It Happens In A Blink

When the dust settled, the King’s eyes beheld what a day’s worth of battle gained him.

The fields before him were littered with bodies; some wearing his colours, and some wearing the colours of the King of Ithligor. Where once was green, now was red and silver and strained. Weapons belonging to the fallen lay about, beside their former masters, useless.

The King looked to his right. There stood the victors. His knights, Sir Chairing and Sir Rhupe, sat upon their horses, their stained swords still held in their hands. About them stood his footmen, loyal soldiers and peasants who wished to aid their king. They were wearing, all, and wished only to set camp and eat and sleep.

The King looked to his left. On the furthest hills of the moor, he could see the last of the remaining force of King of Ithligor. There weren’t more than a dozen, many on foot, one on a horse. That last horseman the King knew well. The knight had left the King’s service many months before to aid the King of Ithligor’s plans to attack the King. Traitor. Continue reading “It Happens In A Blink”

The Will of the King

It would only take a handful of us satisfy the King’s fancy. A mission this treacherous would only be successful if the best and strongest of us were to lead the charge.

As dusk we gathered, coming together as a group near Oovren. Our captain, a brave, yellow jacketed fellow, instructed us about our quest. It was there we found out that this mission could prove fatal. Not all of us were meant to return. Perhaps none of us.  Continue reading “The Will of the King”