Knights Rise – Part Two


(Don’t forget to read Part One.)

The name of Mordred took me back to the children’s books that my father had read to me as a child. The sworn enemy of King Arthur, though Arthur did slay him finally in battle, Mordred did wound the Once and Forever King.

While my father may have been reading those books to me to familiarize me with the players that hid behind a curtain on the world stage, the facts were obviously not true. Legend said that King Arthur killed Mordred. So how was he alive, with sons, causing chaos and havoc? Continue reading “Knights Rise – Part Two”

Knights Rise


“My lords, it has once again come time for us to answer the call. The world is in peril.”

I had never been called a “lord” before, even if they meant it in the most barbaric of ways. I was not an owner of land, an overseer of peoples or serfs. I was just the latest recruit in the 21st century fold of The Knights Of The Round Table. Continue reading “Knights Rise”