Books, Books, And More Books – Part Two


(Make sure you read Part One of the story. It will make everything a little clearer.)

I decided to sit down and start counting all my books.

When my “friends” decided to attack me and call me an addict, it genuinely hurt. I thought that they loved me for me, the way that I am. Me and all my books. How could they say that the things that made me happy were slowly destroying me? Could books have that kind of power? Continue reading “Books, Books, And More Books – Part Two”

Books, Books, And More Books


Can a person have too many books? I used to ask myself that all the time.

Like right before I walked into a bookstore. Right before I moseyed past a thrift shop. Right before I strolled past a yard or garage sale. Right before I saw a sign for a book sale. Right before I got a paycheque. Right before someone asked me to get them coffee. Continue reading “Books, Books, And More Books”

Welcome To The Everything Library – Part Two


(This is Part Two of our story. Be sure to read Part One before you continue.)

“Alright. What about a girlfriend?”

The receptionist’s head tilted. Then she responded.

“Guys you will not guess what I did today!”

“No, Ado, we can’t. What weird, not normal thing did you do today?”

My friend didn’t understand me most of the time. You would think that friends would. Mom said they should, but in truth, they tease me the least out of all the guys at school. Most people didn’t understand my interest or “weird obsession” with things that were slightly out of date. Like going to the library.

“I went to the library.” Continue reading “Welcome To The Everything Library – Part Two”

Welcome To The Everything Library


“Welcome to The Everything Library.”

The robotic faced receptionist didn’t confuse me. AI had taken most jobs away from people. It gave them more free time to do those things that make humans most human. They studied the arts, mastered culinary mysteries, spent hours discussing philosophy and religion, and searched the stars.

“I’m sorry…this is the…?” Continue reading “Welcome To The Everything Library”

The Golden Bible In The Antarctic

Most travelers to Antarctica are scientists. They are looking for ways to kill diseases, communicate with alien life forms, or do illegal experimentation on animals. While those reasons for being on this godforsaken continent may seem strange, it does get down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit, that is not why I am here.

At the very center of this ice block, there is a legendary and secret library. Continue reading “The Golden Bible In The Antarctic”

The Greatest Book Ever Written

Row upon row. Aisle upon aisle. Shelves stacked to the roof, with ladders built on rails for easier access.

This is my favourite room. Ever since I was shown this room, I haven’t wanted to leave. Apart from eating and sleeping, I spend every waking hour here. I’ve read hundreds…No. That would be too few. I’ve read thousands of books. From ancient philosophy to modern science; classic fairy tales to a new mystery. Continue reading “The Greatest Book Ever Written”

The Library


The library has always been my favourite place to go. I love the books, their stories, and the peace they bring me. I also like the lack of people.

With the invention of digital books and constant internet searches, the modern day library has become a very quiet place. Why look up in an encyclopedia what one could easily find in a “Google Search”, or as some people say, “Google it”? And why both picking up the latest sci-fi adventure novel when you can just “pirate” a PDF from your favourite pirating website. I mean, that’s what they’re for, right? Continue reading “The Library”

A Troubling Biography

Jonathan Barkowski was slow to move from in front of the book shelf. Something seemed to have caught his eye, something that made his face contort.

It was like he was concentrating on the title. As if it confused him, but intrigued him at the same time. His chest barely moved when he breathed. If I knew him any better, I would have said he was taking really shallow breaths because he was anxious or upset. Continue reading “A Troubling Biography”