The Monk’s One Word – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One here.)

No one suspected that one word would have such power. The crowd that had gathered was still. The Internet stopped; no tweets, no status updates.

“Life.” The word hung in air, as the mystical monk stepped down from the podium. As mysteriously as he appeared, he vanished. The world sat waiting, expecting more, anticipating an encore, but none was given.

What did he mean? It was the question in the silence that everyone seemed to be asking. It was on the face of all those there in the crowd, and on the lips of every news anchor. What was the life the monk spoke of?

That was when things took off, in the worst way. Continue reading “The Monk’s One Word – Part Two”

The Final Sacrifice – Part Two


(Be sure to read Part One before you read any further.)

There was a time when a sacrifice to the god Nuak was a regular part of life for the Great Nuakta people. The regularity of these sacrifices depended on the moon. Modern science calls it the “supermoon”, when the moon is closest to the Earth. We call it “The Rise of Raku”, the brother of our god, Nuak.

Our religion has been called ‘violent and wildly barbaric’, but told a story that spoke to our people for generations. And it was this story that helped shaped our daily lives, and what was to come next. The gods Nuak and Raku were born in the sky. Nuak reached out his hands and grabbed the Sun and Earth. They were his birthright, his playthings, his place. What was left was the Moon. Raku reluctantly held onto it. But every so often, Raku would lean in, towards the Earth and Sun, in an attempt to steal them from his brother. Continue reading “The Final Sacrifice – Part Two”

My Doppelgänger Life


Everyone has a doppelgänger. Everyone, and I don’t mean twins or triples or something like that. Although that created a whole new mess for our society to figure out. I mean everyone has a double of them, but only one can live past the age of 24.

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The Final Sacrifice

The Great Nuakta people have lived for millennia in secrecy. Tales and hushed whispers about us were spread among the travellers and adventurers, but no one had imperial proof. There wouldn’t be any, not until 1917, when a lost aeroplane pilot saw smoke rising up from the Great Nuakta Temple.

It would be another 45 years before modern civilization came to my country. 50 years before my village would be discovered in the “backwoods”. Another 15 years before our “outdated and irrelevant religious and spiritual practises” were deemed “violent and wildly barbaric”. One man said that “we were the epicentre of all the world’s evil”. Continue reading “The Final Sacrifice”

Murder for 20 Years

“Killing a person will increase your life span by 20 years. It’s a high price to pay to continue living, but death is not so inviting that we do not pay.”

The mantra rang loudly in my head, as his blood ran down my arm.

“Killing a person will increase your life span by 20 years.” Continue reading “Murder for 20 Years”

Demo Off

It was a switch.

The pain from cutting my wrists still lingered as I tried to process what I was looking at. A switch. An on/off switch. In my arm.

This couldn’t be a dream. The pain was real. The emotions that were overwhelming me were all too real. But there was still a switch in my arm. I needed to see more. Continue reading “Demo Off”

The Future Of Olympics

In the past, the Olympics were a happy event.

The world would gather their best and most accomplished athletes and they would compete for medals of gold, silver, and bronze. While the rivalries were right, there were no wars, no violent attacks that broke out from the events themselves. But that was the 21st century. Things have changed.

Now, the Olympics decide the life and death of nations. Continue reading “The Future Of Olympics”

On My Deathbed

When I died, there wasn’t a light at the end of a tunnel. There was no cold shiver that ran up my spine. I didn’t see Death or whoever in a black cloak and sickle. The Devil didn’t come grab my soul and pull me into Hell. Nor did an angel walk me up Jacob’s Ladder to Heaven.

I just sat there. Continue reading “On My Deathbed”

Everything Is A Loop

Everything is a loop. Everything goes in cycles. Nothing happens that has not happened before. One man said that there is nothing new under the sun. A fancy way of saying that everything is old. A new invention is just a new take on what already was. What happens today will happen in the future, as it happened in the past.

I hate the fact that this is true. It makes everything meaningless.

My dad died last night. Continue reading “Everything Is A Loop”

We Are It

To say that we spent billions on this search would be an understatement. The United States alone spent some 100 billion dollars in space related technology to answer the age old question: are we alone in the universe?

It was 2048, after the second planetary election on the Mars One habitat, when the last space probe responded. The final transmission took a week to receive but when it did come through, the whole of humanity waited with baited breath for the answer. Continue reading “We Are It”