Once Upon A Reality


“Once upon a time”

“Don’t tell us a crappy fairy tale” Donald interrupted. “Tell us a true story.”

I sighed, shoulders falling under the weight of this new task. I had a fairy tale all ready to share, something a little more adult for this older crowd, but clearly that wasn’t going to work out now. Donald had stirred everyone up. They wanted something they knew, yet something that scared them. Could I pull it off?

“Fine. Fine. Something true?” I paused, while the group calmed down. I need that extra time to think. I considered myself a good storyteller, but that was with prep time, some research, some idea of where the story wanted to go. Continue reading “Once Upon A Reality”

The Money Wallet


“Don’t worry about it guys. I’m buying.”

“Andrew, you just bought us tickets to the movies. I saw your wallet. It’s empty. You just had enough money to pay for all five of us.”

He wasn’t wrong. I did have just the right amount of cash to pay for movie tickets. But that was what made my wallet interesting. It was always filled with just enough money to buy whatever it was I wanted. Continue reading “The Money Wallet”

Minted in 2021

Minted in 2021. In ST.

For people that were coin collectors, that information probably didn’t mean much. Coins were minted every year. The old one were collected and destroyed, replaced by shinier bit of currency. Sometimes the face is changed, or a commemoration of sorts is put onto the “head” side of the coin. Most people don’t notice these things. Continue reading “Minted in 2021”

A Rant On Pause

Suitcase of Money

It finally happened. I won the lottery. 3.74 million dollars are now mine.

But before I enjoy my new bank account balance, I need to go quit my job. This is going to be fun.

Time to let all the anger and frustration out that I had been feeling for four years. Oh, was it going to be good, I thought to myself. Too bad I didn’t have someone to record it. I would love to be able to rewatch everyone’s expressions when I unload everything I hate about this place. Continue reading “A Rant On Pause”

Death and Debt

Money and Clock

You aren’t allowed to die until all your debts are paid.

It seemed like an impossible thing to impose on the nations of the world. But what Lord Chancellor Dawkins says goes.

My Nana was 105. We gathered around her bed. The pneumonia had been eating away at her for a while, and it seemed like it was time. She gave us a quiet smile, and closed her eyes. A quiet exhale. And that was it.

Then her body jolted forward, and her screamed…. Continue reading “Death and Debt”

Small Bank Balance

I had $1.38 in my bank account.
Man, this sucks. What am I supposed to do with that?

I can’t even buy a cheeseburger from McDonald’s for that.

Whatever happened to making an honest wage, and not getting screwed over by everyone when you did? Continue reading “Small Bank Balance”